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Updated May 7, 2008

L o n g overdue updates are finally on the way...

My business has been keeping me much busier than I expected and has kept me from doing much work on my personal sites. Even when I had a bit of free time it was hard to work on them after spending hours on other sites.
I'm back now!


Today I put up a whole new set of vidcaps from Tara's appearance on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (Jealousy episode). I had 41 - 640x480 caps of low quality (made 5 years ago) that have been replaced with 71 800x600 better quality ones.

I also put up a new set of video clips from the show in larger size and multiple formats.


  • Captures and clips from "The Metro Chase" coming soon.
  • General site updates, long overdue, will be done soon.
  • Replacing most of the old video clips and captures with better quality ones.
  • redesign site layout (after I get more material up)

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