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My own video captures

Sabrina 71 caps
brand new set to replace older lower quality ones (added May 6, 2008)
SK8 with Elvis 4 vidcaps
Ice Wars 1050 vidcaps
1998 Olympic DVD caps 18 caps (many more coming soon)*
Hollywood Squares 96 caps
I have many other shows to vidcap someday*

My own scans

real photos 18 photos (7 photos of my own)
3 8x10's scanned at low & high resolution
April 2002 IFS magazine 7 scans low & high resolution
various clippings 37 scans low & high resolution
(over 40 more coming asap)*
from the book "Triumph on Ice" 31 scans low & high resolution


wallpaper page here 2 images with more coming*

Professional work

Photos taken by Jim Graves 40 4x6's scanned
Photos taken by J. Barry Mittan 9 pictures

From the net

Various pictures from the net 30 pictures

*May 6, 2008 - It has been 4 years since I added anything here. Sorry.
I'm back now and will be doing some new stuff and then redoing more of the older stuff.

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