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The following clips are my own work.

I made them, but they do not belong to me since they were made from tv appearances. Feel free to use them on your own site, but please let me know if you will be using them so I can make sure your site is on my links page.

Video clips from "Sabrina"
New Version Added May 7, 2008.
Previous Sabrina clips were only in 320x240 rm format.
The new ones are better quality, available in 320x240 and 640x480 size, and in 4 different formats.
Clip #1
Sabrina wants a new best friend (23 sec)

mpg format - 3.1MB mpg format - 9MB
wmv format - 3MB wmv format - 8.9MB
mov format - 2.8MB mov format - 8.3MB
rm format - 2.9MB rm format - 8.6MB
Clip #2
Sabrina takes her new best friend to school (4 sec)

mpg format - 860KB mpg format - 2.3MB
wmv format - 760KB wmv format - 2.1MB
mov format - 650KB mov format - 1.9MB
rm format - 730KB rm format - 2.1MB
Clip #3
Sabrina shows off her new best friend at school (16 sec)

mpg format - 2.2MB mpg format - 6.1MB
wmv format - 2.1MB wmv format - 6.2MB
mov format - 1.9MB mov format - 5.8MB
rm format - 2MB rm format - 6MB
Clip #4
Sabrina sends Tara back home (13 sec)

mpg format - 1.9MB mpg format - 5.3MB
wmv format - 1.8MB wmv format - 5.3MB
mov format - 1.6MB mov format - 4.9MB
rm format - 1.8MB rm format - 5.2MB

Full video of "Are You Afraid of the Dark - The Tale of the Lunar Locusts"
Added July 24, 2005.
The image size is the size of the video. Click on the image for the video, or click on the link below the image for a larger (1024x768) copy of the image.

This is the entire episode in 2 parts. Due to the size of these 2 clips, please do not play them directly from the site multiple times. This will easily use up my bandwidth. If you like them, please save them to your hard drive.
Do not link directly to these clips from your site. It steals my bandwidth which is very high for these 2 clips.

I think Tara makes a great alien. ;-)
Clip #1 part 1 (wmv format) 110MB


14 minutes - 110MB (very large)
1024x768 copy of image
Clip #2 part 2 (wmv format) 98MB


12 minutes - 98MB (very large)
1024x768 copy of image
Those 2 clips should not be downloaded on a dialup connection. 56k dialup would take about 4 hours to download 1 clip. Even a 1mbps connection will take about 15 minutes to download 1 clip. I will put some shorter clips from the show here later.

The "Hip Hop" and "Touched by an Angel" clips below were made a few years ago.
Now with the ability to make better clips and in more formats, I will be redoing all of them over the next few months.

(might not take that long, but there are a few to redo)

Video clips from "Hip Hop On Ice"
Added November 2001.
The image size is the size of the video.
Clip #1
Introductory skating performance


4 min - 6.5MB
Clip #2
Chat about Tara's first hip hop song


40 sec - 1.1MB
Clip #3
Behind the scenes - Wardrobe


1 min - 1.7MB
Clip #4
Tara's Video Diary


2 min 30 sec - 4.1MB
Clip #5
Multiple skaters to Gettin Too Heavy


4 min 50 sec - 8MB
Clip #6
Last solo - tribute


4 min - 6.5MB
Clip #7
Tara helps Aflac Cancer Center


1 min 25 sec - 2.4MB

The following clips are from "Touched By An Angel". This was the first time I saw Tara, and became her fan.
The image size is the size of the video.


27 sec - 800KB


4 sec - 100KB no sound


40 sec - 1.1MB


22 sec - 600KB


29 sec - 800KB


1 min 27 sec - 2.4MB


2 sec - 48KB
Smallest video clip I've ever seen. Tara is saying bye to her friend.
The next 2 videos are sort of the same.
The first one, gmbc-TaraLipinski(TBAA)-08.rm, is a full video. Tara is talking to her new friend about her friends future, and then she goes on the ice with a wonderful presentation. The second one, gmbc-TaraLipinski(TBAA)-08a.rm, is just the skating part of the first one.


4 min 16 sec - 7.1MB


3 min 16 sec - 5.4MB

640x480 .wmv clip - 76MB

The following clips were found on the net.

If they belong to you and you want them removed or credited, please email me.
1 minute skating clip from
Touched By An Angel
6MB file size
4 second skating clip
550KB file size
Tara is a winner, as usual
(12 seconds)
1.7MB file size
Very excited winner
(19 seconds)
2.6MB file size
Tara's 2 minute appearance on Early Edition
Created by Wayne Joy
5.6MB file size

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