about Tara Lipinski

Why she means so much to me.
Way back when I was young, in grade 8, the first girl I really liked was an amateur figure skater. In grade 9, her figure skating moved forward and she started travelling. I ended up not seeing her anymore because she was never home. A little later I read an article in the paper; she was doing very well. I have never seen her since. The next couple times that I watched figure skating I was reminded of her. I knew I wouldn't see her again and wanted to stop thinking about her, so I quit watching figure skating.

In 1998 I was watching "Touched By an Angel" and guess who appeared, Tara. By this time, I had forgotten all about my friend, but after a few minutes of her skating, my memory was refreshed; mostly because Tara looked so much like my friend. When the show was over, I wanted to watch it again, because I liked the memories it brought back, and because Tara was so beautiful, just like my friend. The show was on again later on a different station, so I recorded it. I watched it several times, decided to find out more about Tara, and started watching figure skating once again.

Thank you for bringing back the memories and for just being such a good and beautiful skater.
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